Bylaws of the Wyoming Country Party
Adopted in Convention April 16, 2011

We, citizens of the State of Wyoming, recognizing the need for an authentic political alternative, and believing in the principles embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America, hereby organize and institute the Wyoming Country Party.

Article 1 – GENERAL
1.1  The name of this organization shall be the "Wyoming Country Party", hereinafter referred to as "the party".
1.2  The purpose of the party is to elect candidates who agree with the principles of the party (as defined in Article 2) to partisan public office.
1.3  The duration of the Party shall be perpetual. In the event of dissolution of the party, any remaining funds will be: returned to donors; given to then current candidates for office; donated to other non-profit organizations; or donated to charity, as determined by the State Committee.

Article 2 – PRINCIPLES
2.1  The federal government, created by the Constitution, possesses only certain limited and enumerated powers that were delegated by the states to the federal government; powers not delegated are reserved to the states and to the people. The party rejects contemporary, broad interpretations of the commerce clause, the general welfare clause, and the necessary and proper clause of the Constitution that have been used by Congress, federal courts, and the federal executive branch to expand the scope and power of the federal government far beyond what the founders of our country ever intended.
2.2  Those powers and functions rightfully belonging to the states that have been usurped by federal laws and regulations are unconstitutional. The party advocates repeal of such laws by Congress. If such laws are not repealed or declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the party advocates the nullification of such laws by actions of the Legislature of the State of Wyoming.

Article 3 – MEMBERSHIP
3.1  A person is a voting member of the party if he or she is registered to vote in Wyoming, and he or she 1) is a current Wyoming Country Party committeeman or committeewoman per the Wyoming state statutes for political parties, 2) has run as a candidate of the party in a partisan Wyoming election within the last two years, or 3) has made contribution(s) to the party totaling $50 or more ($25 for students) in the prior 18 months. The State Committee may from time to time authorize lesser classes of membership. Any such lesser classes of membership shall not grant the right to vote on official business of the party.
3.2  A member may be expelled from membership by the State Committee for cause deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the party, as determined by the State Committee, or, while purporting to represent to the public the Wyoming Country Party, states positions which are contrary to the party principles (as defined in Article 2). Upon 30 days notice to appear or be represented before the State Committee to be heard on the charge(s) levied, expulsion from membership shall be only upon approval of three-quarters of the entire State Committee, meeting in person or via telecommunications. Reinstatement after expulsion may be done by the same procedure, but may only be considered after two years have passed since the expulsion.

4.1  The State Committee shall be made up of nine members, and shall be constituted as nearly as feasible in accordance with Wyoming statutes. The members of the State Committee shall be elected by the membership in attendance at each State Convention. All State Committee members must be voting members of the party as defined in Article 3.
4.2  Subject to the limitations and considerations in Article 10, the State Committee shall have the authority to amend these bylaws. Subject to the limitations and considerations in Article 9, the State Committee shall have the authority to appoint candidates for the general election ballot. The State Committee shall have the authority to oversee all activities of the party, raise money, maintain bank accounts, expend funds raised, form committees, assign duties to State Officers and appoint agents to act on its behalf.
4.3  The State Committee shall meet occasionally in person or via telecommunications. Adequate notice of meetings shall be given to all State Committee members.
4.4  Vacancies in the State Committee shall be filled by appointment of the Chair with the approval of the State Committee, and become permanent after six weeks provided no State Committee member registers a written objection to the Chair.

Article 5 – OFFICERS
5.1  The Officers of the party shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
5.2  The Officers of the party must be members of the State Committee, and shall be elected as the first order of business at the first meeting of the State Committee following each State Convention, and shall take office immediately after their election. They shall serve until their successors are elected.
5.3  The Chair shall be responsible for calling meetings of the State Committee, chairing all State Committee meetings, chairing the State Convention, serving as official spokesperson of the party, and appointing persons or performing other functions as authorized by the State Committee. Meetings of the State Committee shall be called at least once every 90 days.
5.4  The Vice Chair shall act as Chair in the event of the Chair's inability or unwillingness to perform such action required by these bylaws or Wyoming election law.
5.5  The Secretary shall record the minutes of the State Convention and State Committee meetings. The Secretary shall correspond with government officials of the State of Wyoming to ensure that the Annual Report and all other reports legally required be filed in a timely manner.
5.6  The Treasurer shall maintain the records of receipts and expenditures of party funds and shall be responsible for reporting such records to any federal or state agency or official as required by law. The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report at least quarterly and distribute it to all State Committee members. The Treasurer shall submit an annual financial report to the members attending the State Convention.
5.7  Should a vacancy occur in any state officer's position, that office shall be filled by appointment of the State Committee. However, in the event a vacancy shall occur in the office of Chair, a vacancy shall also be declared in the office of Vice Chair and a new election shall be held for filling the vacancies of both Chair and Vice Chair.
5.8  Impeachment charges may be brought against any officer of the State Committee by any State Committee member at any meeting of the State Committee. The charges must show cause for removal from office. The officer so charged shall be given the opportunity to reply to the charges and if not present at the meeting at which charges are made, voting on the question shall be deferred until the next regularly scheduled meeting. In the case the officer so charged is the Chair, then the next highest ranking officer will preside over the proceedings. Impeachment shall be only upon approval of two-thirds of the entire State Committee, not just those in attendance.

6.1  Local affiliates of the Wyoming Country Party may organize county committees as provided by Wyoming election law.
6.2  Such affiliates shall not be recognized by the Wyoming Country Party until the Secretary of the party is provided written notice of the formation of the affiliate including a list of its members and officers.
6.3  Local affiliates shall select Wyoming Country Party candidates to be included on the general election ballot for county-wide elections.

7.1  A State Convention shall be held annually. The time and place of the State Convention shall be determined by the State Committee. Written notice, via either postal mail or email, of the Convention date, time and place shall be given by the Secretary to all party members at least 30 days prior to the Convention.
7.2  The purpose of the State Convention shall be to select State Committee members subject to the limitations in Section 9.2, to select the Wyoming Country Party candidates for the general election ballot, and to amend the Wyoming Country Party Platform.
7.3  The State Officers shall serve as officers of the State Convention.
7.4  All persons voting at State Conventions must be voting members the party, as defined in Article 3, and must have been members of the party for at least 30 days prior to the start of the Convention.
7.5  Only members present on the convention floor may vote.

8.1  The rules governing the conduct of State Committee meetings and State Conventions shall be Robert's Rules of Order.
8.2  Only members present, either in person or via telecommunications, may vote at meetings of the State Committee. No absentee or proxy voting shall be allowed.

9.1  During years in which the State of Wyoming conducts partisan elections, unless required by law to conduct primary elections, county affiliates and members of the party attending the State Convention shall choose the party candidates to be included on the general election ballot. If a county affiliate exists, the county affiliate shall choose the candidates for county-wide races in their county. Members of the party, in State Convention, shall choose candidates for those races enumerated in Section 9.2, except for those races where county affiliates have chosen a candidate.
9.2  To not interfere with election of good candidates to office, members of the party attending the State Convention will nominate candidates only in those races where there is no candidate judged to be favorable to the party's principles (as defined in Article 2). Thus, the nomination process in the State Convention has two steps. The first step is for members in attendance to decide on the list of races where the party will nominate a candidate. The second step is for the members in attendance to nominate candidates for only those races.
9.3  After the State Convention where candidates were chosen, the State Committee shall have the power to appoint replacement candidates for those candidates who withdraw their candidacies, and to appoint candidates for those races where the members, meeting in State Convention, decided to run a candidate, and where no candidate of the party has been chosen.

Article 10 — AMENDMENTS
10.1  Amendments to these bylaws of the Wyoming Country Party shall be made by the State Committee at any meeting and shall require a two-thirds vote of the entire State Committee, not just those present. Proposed amendments shall be given to the party Secretary and distributed to the State Committee members 30 days prior to the meeting where the amendments are to be considered. No amendments may be considered unless this notification period is met.